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Runkeeper VS Runtastic

I started using Runkeeper 5 years ago to keep track of my runs, I’m not anythig close to a profesional runner, when I started Runkeeper allowed me to add the couch to 5K walk run plan and adhere to it, and keep recording any run.

At that time I had an iPhone 2 I guess, I also had it on iPhone 3 and 4 , I never used on iPhone 5 since I moved to Samsung Galaxy Note 2, it woked there too altought the size of phone was too big to take it while runnin….

I lost the Note 2 on a trip to Cancun, and then I bought a Moto G first Gen as a temporary replacement, but c’mon Moto G is so good that I realized I don’t relly need to oay big bucks for a good phone, so I still keep it as my primary phone.

But ther is a problem, Runkeeper is very low on the Moto G, it lags a lot and sometimes even crash….

I find out about Runtastic, Downloaded, Installed, Signed In, Run….. Great is very fast even in the Moto G, no lag, no crash, I start tracking my runs. I decided to move to Runtastic.

Thanks to the GPX export/import feature, I was able to export from Runkeeper my last tracks and imported them into Runtastic, so I can see my improvents in the same app.



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How to change draftsight language interface

Sometimes you might like to have Draftsight on your own language, but sometimes you might also like to have it in english, or some other language for a friend, or whatever….

In order to change the language, type the command: language if it’s currently in english, or the equivalent word in your current language (for example ins spanish the command is idioma ),

Then you can type ?  to get a list of available languages, and then simply make your choice.


Draftsight will change in the new language when restarted.



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How to increase Barracuda Copy ( space

One of the advantages of Copy over Dropbox  is that when you share files with someone else Copy shares the used space, for example:

If you share a file of 10Mb with another person:

In Dropbox that means 10Mb from your quota, and 10Mb from your firend’s quota

But in Copy, it will only represent 5Mb for you and 5Mb for your friend.

So, we can take advantage of this feature, lets say that you open one account for your PC, and another for your Phone, and you share all your files (put them all in one single root folder) from your PC to your Phone.

Take a look at this screenshot below, I have used 10Gb and shared them all with another account, so my quota is reduced only by 5Gb!



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how to fix firefox sec_error_unknown_issuer


You will notice that the address in the address bar starts with an exclamation mark (!):
-Click the exclamation mark
-A sub window will open, click on More Info.
-A window will open, go to Security tab, and click on “View Certificate”.
-Look for Common Name (CN)
-Google the above CN and find a page that allows you to import it into firefox.

For example in the case of the above  image the certificate:
VeriSign Class 3 International Server CA – G3
Certificate gets imported by simply visiting:

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How to teach programming to kids

Nowadays kids spend a lot of time using computers, either you call them laptops, tablets, phablets, phones, xboxes, nintendos, playstations, smart tv’s or whatever!… That’s just a computer.

But the problem I see (I have two daughters) is that they are just consumers, they are not creating anything, just playing games, chatting, watching videos, loosing time! When I was a kid I used a computer for the first time when I was in 6th grade, and what was I using?….LOGO

LOGO is an interpreted programming language that has a cursor (which happens to be a turtle), and you give instructions to move, and then you start creating, and improving your way of thinking in order to be able to solve problems.

Well, LOGO is really the best way to inspire kids into programming.

It’s easy and fun.

So, How to teach programming to kids?: Start teaching LOGO.

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How to improve barefoot style running posture

It does not mater if you run shoed, barefoot style or all bear, the best way to improve your running posture -which is going to help you to prevent injuries and give proper strides- is not in you feet, it´s in your hips:
-Stand straight
-Lean your body to the front, using your ankles as hinges
-Start running
-Keep pushing your hips to the front
-Feel the difference

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How to get AutoCad for free

Well, as far as I know you can not get AutoCAD for free (at least legally).

But there are options, you can get free alternatives that work very well, these are my favorite CAD software replacements:

For 2D CAD you can use Draftsight, it’s free -as free beer- for personal use, it can open/save DXF aswell as DWG files.

For 3D CAD you can use FreeCAD, it’s free -opensource- , it can open/save STEP and IGES files between others.

For Architectural CAD, CYCAS is a very good option.

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