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Runkeeper VS Runtastic

I started using Runkeeper 5 years ago to keep track of my runs, I’m not anythig close to a profesional runner, when I started Runkeeper allowed me to add the couch to 5K walk run plan and adhere to it, and keep recording any run.

At that time I had an iPhone 2 I guess, I also had it on iPhone 3 and 4 , I never used on iPhone 5 since I moved to Samsung Galaxy Note 2, it woked there too altought the size of phone was too big to take it while runnin….

I lost the Note 2 on a trip to Cancun, and then I bought a Moto G first Gen as a temporary replacement, but c’mon Moto G is so good that I realized I don’t relly need to oay big bucks for a good phone, so I still keep it as my primary phone.

But ther is a problem, Runkeeper is very low on the Moto G, it lags a lot and sometimes even crash….

I find out about Runtastic, Downloaded, Installed, Signed In, Run….. Great is very fast even in the Moto G, no lag, no crash, I start tracking my runs. I decided to move to Runtastic.

Thanks to the GPX export/import feature, I was able to export from Runkeeper my last tracks and imported them into Runtastic, so I can see my improvents in the same app.



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How to improve barefoot style running posture

It does not mater if you run shoed, barefoot style or all bear, the best way to improve your running posture -which is going to help you to prevent injuries and give proper strides- is not in you feet, it´s in your hips:
-Stand straight
-Lean your body to the front, using your ankles as hinges
-Start running
-Keep pushing your hips to the front
-Feel the difference

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