How to change draftsight language interface

Sometimes you might like to have Draftsight on your own language, but sometimes you might also like to have it in english, or some other language for a friend, or whatever….

In order to change the language, type the command: language if it’s currently in english, or the equivalent word in your current language (for example ins spanish the command is idioma ),

Then you can type ?  to get a list of available languages, and then simply make your choice.


Draftsight will change in the new language when restarted.



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2 thoughts on “How to change draftsight language interface”

  1. when I type ?, it reply me it’s need to have the text between 0~20 or option Keyword. and doesn’t appear the list of the language.

  2. I’m not sure what’s the problem with your instalation, but here is the list:
    1 = German
    2 = English
    3 = Turkish
    4 = Hungarian (not yet supported)
    5 = Polish
    6 = Japanese
    7 = French
    8 = Traditional Chinese
    9 = Simplified Chinese
    10 = Italian
    11 = Spanish
    12 = Greek (not yet supported)
    13 = Korean
    14 = Vietnamese (not yet supported)
    15 = Catalan (not yet supported)
    16 = Thai (not yet supported)
    17 = Dutch (not yet supported)
    18 = Russian
    19 = Portuguese
    20 = Czech

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