How to teach programming to kids

Nowadays kids spend a lot of time using computers, either you call them laptops, tablets, phablets, phones, xboxes, nintendos, playstations, smart tv’s or whatever!… That’s just a computer.

But the problem I see (I have two daughters) is that they are just consumers, they are not creating anything, just playing games, chatting, watching videos, loosing time! When I was a kid I used a computer for the first time when I was in 6th grade, and what was I using?….LOGO

LOGO is an interpreted programming language that has a cursor (which happens to be a turtle), and you give instructions to move, and then you start creating, and improving your way of thinking in order to be able to solve problems.

Well, LOGO is really the best way to inspire kids into programming.

It’s easy and fun.

So, How to teach programming to kids?: Start teaching LOGO.

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