How to turn on an iPhone with a broken Power Button

If your iPhone Power Button is broken, and it’s turned off, it will turn on when the battery starts to charge by connecting it to the PC or Power cord. But if for some reason id doesn’t there seems to be no way tu turn it on…. But it certainy there is a way!

This worked for me, an I have read about some other guys succeding:

Press the Glass in an area below the power button with one finger and other in the back while pushing the powere button. Good Luck!

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29 thoughts on “How to turn on an iPhone with a broken Power Button”

  1. What if it still doesn’t work though? What do you do then? Because Apple is going to charge the hell out of you for fixing it for you?

  2. @tido There’s literally nothing about this that could hurt your phone. This just worked for me, and it was a lifesaver. Are you sure you followed the instructions?

  3. So I totally didn’t believe this. But I did it and my phone turned on. I punched the phone firmly right under the power button and pushed the power button against a table. The phone turned on but as I didn’t have it charged it came up with the charge icon. I was definitely skeptic but it worked. And like the others the power button originally did not work. But this method did turn it on.

  4. so I tried it at first with just my fingers pressing in the front and the back right below the power button but that did nothing for me, then I scrolled down further and read that someone pressed right below the power button and at the same time pushed the power button against the table and that worked!!!!!……….thanks so much for this…..I have been powering my phone up with the charger for months but my phone just turned off today and of course I was nowhere near my charger so I freaked!….thanks again!….awesome!!!

  5. hold and press down below the power button (on glass) — while pushing the on button against a table, wall, or something. it works

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