How to remove advertising from gmail

The easiestway to remove ads in gmail if you are using the Chrome browser is using the Minimalist for Everything extension.

  1. Go to the extensions Chrome Web Store
  2. Search for: Minimalist for Everything
  3. Click the Add to Chrome Free button
  4. Once installed go to the Minimalist Options
  5. Go to “main” section
  6. Then in the “Ads” subsection, mark the Ads you want to remove
  7. Click the “Save Changes” button on top
  8. Enjoy
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How to convert text to lines in draftsight or autocad

Sometimes it’s necessary to convert text to lines in a CAD system.

For example to use the file in a laser cutting machine.

The command to do this is: EXPLODETEXT



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Netflix works in Ubuntu out-of the box

The definitive leader in media streaming Netflix, has finally removed the browser/os filter that was banning linux users.

Not for every distro, but the combination of an updated Ubuntu system plus Google Chrome allows us to watch Netflix movies in HTML5 without the need of any special plugin, hack or special setting.

No, Firefox ore Chromium are not working, because they do not include the DRM libraries that come with Chorome, anyway this is good news.

Good for Netflix!

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What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is the fact or archive files somewhere on the internet.
The term cloud comes from the typical drawings by the IT guys when representing the internet.

There are many ways to store your files on the cloud, these are some of the more popular:

  • Dropbox is one of the first services to offer storage in the cloud.
  • Google Drive is the service provided by the search giant
  • Copy has the backup of Barracuda and offers the best referral plan,  20Gb Free while signing up with a referral link, and 5Gb bonus for each completed referral.
  • MegaSync  is currently the service that provides the bigger amount of  space: 50 Gb  for free.
  • Owncloud is open source software that allows you to set up your own clod server
  • Box is a good alternative, but limited to windows and mac.
  • icloud is the Apple proprietary service

Thes are the more popularm but there are some more services around.

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How to stop phone addiction

Mobile phones have come to solve a lot of stuff in terms of communication and entertaining.
Nowadays a lot of people can be considered addicted to their phones.
It’s very common to see people gathering together but everybody is just with it’s own phone. Chatting online, updating facebook, twitter, playing games etc, etc.

The first step to stop the phone addiction can be very simple:
-Turn off sound (or vibration) notifications.
-Turn off led light notification (if your mobile has one).
-Turn off all notifications for things like games, social media, etc, etc.

The result will be that you will start to check your phone when you want to. Not every time an app or some contact wants you to.

This will not keep you completely clean from your addiction…. but at least is a start.
Good Luck!

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How much does it cost a Timeshare

People has been told during sales presentation that owning a Timeshare makes them owners of a property, and that is what people in general belive. Althought there are in fact some rare cases where that is correct (deeded property), that is NOT the general for most timeshares.

In general, what you own with a (non deeded) timeshare is a non-cancelable 40 years or so contract. Which yes you can rent, or sell, but since you are not a real owner of the property the resell value is always very low.

In general that contract gives you the Right To Use 7 nights in the resort every year, in exchange of a mainteinance fee that you are obligated to pay every year for 40 years!

Since none really wants to spend it’s holidays in the exact same place for the following 40 years, timeshares usually need to be accompained by a membership of a Timeshare Exchange Company, which of course has a membership fee, and an exchange fee.

So, how much does a time share cost?

Lets remove the ads and the fancy words, what you really buy is resort nights at bulk:

7 days for 40 years are: 280 nights paid in advance plus annualities.

Lets do the math. I’m going to take as an example the info they gave me ina recent sales presentation in Vallarta:

-Upfront payment 10,800USD (that is once they reduced 40% off the original price).

-Issue of the contract 540USD

Now what they didn’t tell me untill I asked for:

Every year you have to pay:

-Mainteinance: 350USD

-Interchange Company membership fee: 75 USD

-Exchange fee: 160USD

So the total you have to pay is: 10,800+540+40x(350+75+160)=$34,725USD

I did stay on that resort for $139usd, so for the $34,725usd I can get: 250nights!!!!!

That means that in real terms I’m paying 250nights and I get 280nights in return

That is 10% discount over the retail Price!!!! for buying 280nights bulk paid almost in advance!!!!

That is just insane.

Please do the math before you buy a Timeshare

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