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How to change draftsight language interface

Sometimes you might like to have Draftsight on your own language, but sometimes you might also like to have it in english, or some other language for a friend, or whatever….

In order to change the language, type the command: language if it’s currently in english, or the equivalent word in your current language (for example ins spanish the command is idioma ),

Then you can type ?  to get a list of available languages, and then simply make your choice.


Draftsight will change in the new language when restarted.



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How to get AutoCad for free

Well, as far as I know you can not get AutoCAD for free (at least legally).

But there are options, you can get free alternatives that work very well, these are my favorite CAD software replacements:

For 2D CAD you can use Draftsight, it’s free -as free beer- for personal use, it can open/save DXF aswell as DWG files.

For 3D CAD you can use FreeCAD, it’s free -opensource- , it can open/save STEP and IGES files between others.

For Architectural CAD, CYCAS is a very good option.

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