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Volkswagen Bora (Jetta) TDI DSG


I got a Volkswagen Bora TDI DSG… very good car. The TDI is the trademark for the new Volkswagen Diesel engines. I remember that around 20 years ago the Diesel cars came to Mexico, there were Caribe and Atlantic (Golf and Jetta) but they never make it into the mexican culture, they were slow… well if you have that in mind from a Diesel Vehicle, that has completely changed!

New TDI (Turbocharged Direct Injection) vehicles are turbo aspirated diesel cars that have a very strong engine, they have a very good acceleration. Also these new diesel vehicles are friends of the environment,  they have even been recognized in Europe and USA as “Green Vehicles”, they pollute less than gasoline cars, and they have a very good consumption, I have experimented up to 20km per liter.

In Mexico there’s a different story, they are not consider ecological cars because the diesel supplied by Pemex has very poor quality, there was a plan to supply Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel in Mexico but that was promissed for beining of 2009… we are still waiting. But don’t blame the car, blame Pemex.

The DSG stands for Direct-Shift Gearbox it’s an electronically controlled multiple-shaft dual-clutch manual gearbox – without a conventional clutch pedal, and with full automatic, or semi-manual control. It performs Extremely fast shift time of 8 milliseconds and Consistent shift time of 500 milliseconds, regardless of throttle or operational mode, the result: You don’t feel the shifts!

Mine is white, which is a color I never liked before in cars, but it’s minimalistic design combining only black and white makes it very pleasant to the eyes.

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