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An SUV from Pixar Cars
An SUV from Pixar Cars

SUV: Should U Buy it?

The so called SUVs are currently the fashion, specially in women. The  marketing directors of the car companies made the point: The main target market for cars switched from sportive cars for middle age men advertised by sexy girls to expensive trucks advertised by housewives, and with a higher price.

If your interest include go to the mountains, camping, etc, then you are using a Sport Utility Vehicle, but if you want it to go to the mall, you are using a Shopping Utility Vehicle.

But what does it really mean to have an SUV:

  • Pollution: Come on you don’t need to be scientist to understand that such cars pollute more than any other one, do you?
  • Visibility: The wide and tall dimensions of the SUV block the view of the other people.
  • Rollover: SUVs have higher center of gravity, that makes them more prone to rollover (and statistics prove it).

Think twice.

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