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I manage a company, that is part of a bigger group. The largest company in the group was looking for a solution to the problems related of using the current systems (Adminpaq, Compaq, Checkpaq) that are not really integrated, and -I have to tell- not very well designed.
So the solution was easy: an ERP.

Then the question was: which one? the first obvious answer was SAP, but the thing is so expensive that an alternative needed to be searched.

There are several thing that I don’t like about the idea of using SAP:

  • The price, of course.
  • The fact that it needs a Windows Server, with it’s corresponding problems, vulnerabilities and costs.
  • The fact that clients need Windows PC’s, making a further migration to Linux harder (although a Linux Terminal Server Client can be used).
  • It does not have a Web interface, making branches working and administration more complicated, and costly.
  • There is no access to the source, so real modifications can not be done.

I found OpenBravo and OpenERP as the best solutions -specially OpenERP-, nevertheless the lack of integrators in Mexico, and the fact that we don’t even have an IT department in order to do an in-house implementation, moved the balance back to SAP, so we are going with that.

In the end since my company is the smallest, so it will be our share, and will not affect our budget too much.

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