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Mexican War of Independence

Mexican Flag
Mexican Flag

Today, September 16th 2009, we celebrate 199 years of the Mexican Independence from Spain.

The war was declared from Mexico to the Colonial Government during the night of September 15th, when the conspiracies new that they have been betrayed by a supporter, it all began in the town of Dolores by the Priest Miguel Hidalgo -that’s why the town is now named Dolores Hidalgo- , that night is when the celebration begins nowadays with the Grito de Dolores, the War that begun in 1810 ended untill 1821 where the First Mexian Empire was issued with Iturbide as the Emperor.

If you dig into the Mexican History, you will know that the people who organized the independence were Mexican-born Spaniards (called criollos), and if you go back to the Spanish Conquer of this land, you will see that the Army that Cortes used to conquer the Aztec Empire where the recruited warriors from the tribes that were enemies of the Aztecs….

So one interesting thing about Mexico is that the Spanish Conquest of Mexico was conducted by Mexicans and the Mexican Independence form Spain was conceived by Spanish .

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