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How to create custom icons for iElegance

Before and After
Before and After

iElegance  is my favorite iPhone theme, it already includes icons for many apps, but not for all, and specially not for local ones (like country specific newspaper).
Therefore I have created an Inkscape template to create my owns.
The template can be downloaded from this file: iElegance-icon-template.svg
And this are the instructions:

  1. Access your iPhone via ssh (I’m assuming you already know how to do that)
  2. Find your desired icon (or get your own image from wherever you want)
  3. If the file is not readable by Inkscape use the icon normalizer as described here
  4. Open the template file with Inkscape
  5. Import the icon into Inkscape.
  6. Make a copy of the icon and rotate it 180°
  7. Use the green rectangles to crop the icons by placing the rectangles in top of them, selecting the two desired objects, and then from the menu: Object>Clip>Apply
  8. Give transparency to the reflection one.
  9. Move the new clipped icons to the corresponding places.
  10. Export Bitmap Page Layout and give it the same name than the app has but with the .png extension instead of .app.
  11. Copy the new created icon to the folder /Library/Themes/iElegance.theme/Icons (or PRO.theme if you have the PRO version) inside your iPhone
  12. Respring in order to view the new icons.
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