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How to make iPhone Skype calls over 3g and not only over WiFi

Because of Apple policies, the VoIP software can use WiFi connections only and not 3G.
In other words you can not make skype calls on the road.
In order to do it, this is what you need:

1-Your iPhone must be jailbroken, if it’s not, read this.
2-Install your Skype or Fing app from the App Store.
3-Install 3G Unrestrictor from Cydia.
4-Open 3G unrestrictor and add the desired applications (skype, fringe, whatever you want)


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How to Jailbreak an iphone with OS 3.x

I have a previouse post about how to jailbrake an iphone but now it may be diffrent, there are two publishers of jailbreaking applications: the Dev-Team and geohot (any other source you find is just selling what they give for free).

Well, geohot has published a new app called blackra1n, this is definitivelly the fastest jailbreak I have ever seen. Not even a how to is really needed, just go to his site, download, run, follow the onscreen instructions (basically, click, connect, and wait)

And have fun!

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How to turn you iPhone into a Multitasking device

There are not technical reasons, only Apple marketing policies, but the iPhone is not allowed to run multiple applications simultaneously , by design only the phone, mail, ipod, and maybe some other Apple application can run in the backgroud.

This is of course not the desired behavior for many cases…

Multitasking you can, for example:

  • Have a messaging service available at any time.
  • Have an IP phone (e.g. skype, gizmo5) available all time.
  • Pause a game,  go to write an email, read the news, and go back to the game…etc.
  • etc

So this is what’s needed to enable Multitasking in your iPhone:

  1. In order to enable it, the iPhone must be jailbroken, if  it’s not, there’s a jailbreak how to here.
  2. From Cydia (or Icy), search and install the backgrounder app. This will provide the availability to run applications in the background.
  3. From Cydia (or Icy), search and install the application kirikae. This will provide a task manager that will let you switch between open applications and close them. You can also add favorite apps to open faster.
  4. Have Fun :-)
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iPhoneVM: Add Virtual Memory to your iPhone

[only for jailbroken devices]

There is a new application called iPhoneVM that adds Virtual Memory (a swap file) to your jailbroken iphone.

I don’t know the origin or license of that application, but I have tested it on the 3G and… it works!

I’m running 10 applications right now and I still have 24Mb of free memory (I have backgrounder of course).

The file is rapidly being hosted in several places, try this google search for the deb file

Download the deb to your iphone and install it via command line either from MobileTerminal or via ssh session logged in as root with the command:

dpkg -i iPhoneVM.deb

PS: It’s also available in the beyouriphone repo.

UPDATE: I have experienced a lag, seems like swapping system takes some time…

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How to view PNG images from iPhone

For some unknown reason the images in the iphone, stored as png files do not have a standard format and are not viewable by the general image viewers.

In order to be viewable by linux or windows, they need to be normalized, Axel E. Brzostowski has written a python script that normalize the files, making the readable by any imaging program.

Here is a zip file with the script: iPIN – iPhone PNG Images Normalizer v1.0 it sholud work on any system with python installed (I have personaly only tested in linux)

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How to jailbreak an iPhone

First thing to understand, the jailbreaking process is something you do the software on your own device, and although it has been proven to be safe, you are the only person responsible of what you do, and you understand that you might loose your apples warranty. So you understand and accept your own risks.

Jailbreaking is fun

OK, first thing, don’t get spamed or confused the official page for the jailbraking is this the Dev-Team blog http://blog.iphone-dev.org/

The jeailbreaking process can be made from Mac, Linux or Windows.

0-Syncronize or back up your data!

1-Download the redsn0w application http://blog.iphone-dev.org/ for your corresponding operating system from the software section (left side) on the blog from the Dev-Team.

2-Find the firmware file of your current firmware that iTunes downloaded when upgrading.

in OS X look in

~username/Library/iTunes/iPod Software Updates/

in Windows in look in

C:\Users\Your Account Name\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates


%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates

in Linux look in


2.1-If you don’t have the file, you can download it from this page:


3-Run the redn0w program. And simply follow the on screen instructions. You need to get the iphone in a special mode called DFU my pressing and holding the buttons as you will see, if you don’t get it on the first time, simple click back, and try again….

4-Once it ask for what programs to install select Cydia (it’s been reported that selecting icy might cause some problems)

5-Keep following on-screein instructions, wait, and your are all set. Welcome to the club!

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So, what is the jailbreak? is that Safe? Legal?

Jailbreak is the process by which a device is modified to allow unsigned code to be run.

In a more technical view, is a process where the firmware is patched to allow access to the device filesystem, then some applications are automatically installed (like Cydia or Icy), and that allow you to install new applications via an apt system ported to the iPhone.

The iPhone is running a modified version of the OS X which is already based on a BSD Operating System, therefore porting applications developed initially for Linux or BSD becomes easier.

On a jailbroken phone applications like a terminal, an SSH server, and even Java can be installed.

Also since there are no Apple restrictions developers can make better applications that can do things that otherwise it would not be possible.

So, Is it Safe?

I would say it’s completly safe, because you are modifying the software, not the hardware, of course that Apple will say it voids your warranty.

Since is software what we are talking about, you can always use iTunes to restore your factory settings.

And, is it legal?

I’m sure it is. Let’s compare it with a car:

If you bought a car, can you modify it’s engine to perform better? can you put a better sound system? can you paint it of a diffrent color?…. well it’s pretty much the same, of course if you modify your car you will for sure lose your warranty, well that’s the same for the iPhone.

And remember that anyway the only person responsible for your device, it’s yourself.

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Jailbreak: Why?

themed iphone
customized jailbroken iphone

So what about that Jailbrake thing, why would we need it for?

One of the main disadvantages of the iPhone are the very restricted rules that Apple has applied onto it for monetary (they will say safety) porpuses:

-You can activate and synchronize your device with your computer only via iTunes.

-You can install software only via the apple store, whether directly from the iPhone or from iTunes.

-You can’t theme your iPhone.

-You can not access your device by any other means.


There are also several restrictions applied to the app developers in order to get their programs approved to be inside the Apple Store, The rejection of Google Voice is the more sounded one, but there are also many limitation that won’t allow several programs to be ported to (or developed for) the iphone, issues like:

-Programs can’t run in the background.

-Programs can’t run when the phone is “sleeping”.

-Certain type of programs, like VoIP software, can’t run over 3G.


There are even restrictions related what Carrier you can use: iPhones came locked to a specificy carrier and you can not change your mobile company.

But the iphone is not only a phone, is a computer more powerfull that the first i386 I had back in the 80’s, it can do much more. But it feels like it’s in Jail!

There is where the clever guys from the iphone dev-team came with a solution: Jailbrake

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