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iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G
iPhone 3G

When the mobile phones and the minicomputers called PDAs where in early stage I remember I had a conversation with some friends: it’s a race, mobile phones will improve to turn into PDAs and PDAs will turn to be mobile phones, let’s see who wins.

The final product from this merge are smart-phones. After all this time we can clearly declare a winner, is not BlackBerry is not Palm or Nokia, whether we like it or not, the winner is the  iPhone from Apple Inc.

But now the race rules are changing, smart-phones and Laptops are competing for a new merge, that’s where we have the netbooks like the popular Acer One or the Eee PC competing with products like iPhone or the new kid in town Android, which is a Linux based Operating System from Google that is coming to be in some new smart-phones to compete with the iPhone… who is going to win?

In the mean time I got an iPhone 3G with 16Gb, it’s without any doubts the more pretty -and useful – phone I ever had, it’s design is very clean and simple. I have tried several cases to protect it, but I ended up dumping them all and keeping it naked, it’s so beautiful that any case makes it ugly (and big)… anyway I’m sure that after one year 2 at most, I will be switching it for a new one, so I prefer to have a nice phone scratched than an ugly protected phone.

The iPhone is more a minicomputer turned into a phone than a phone turned into a minicomputer. You can install many applications that you can get free or paid from the Apple Store, but there is still the taste that something is missing, some cleaver guys from the iphone-dev team came to fill that gap: Jailbreak.

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