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The Number 23

I was switching channels on the TV the other night, and suddenly there was an image that got my attention, it was Jim Carrey performing in what looked like a thriller…. Jim Carrey in a Thriller? What? I had to see that!51Ks3rnszGL._SL160_

It was just strange to see him in that kind of movies, but once you disconnect his face from your memories of silly comic movies, everything is OK. He did a good performance.

The movie is about a guy that starts to read a book and gets convinced that the book is based on his own. That book was about a person who finds out that the number 23 is on anything around him, his birth date, his address, his name, his wedding date, the pair of shoes of his wife, etc.

One fun coincidence is that the next day when I was grabbing my shoes I counted the pair of shoes that my wife has… and guess what: 23!

You can use this search to watch online.

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