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How to Install VMware Player in Ubuntu

I want to try a machine I got as a vmware image, so I went to install  the Free (as in beer) VMware player, this ois what it takes:

  • There is no deb package so we must make sure we have the linux headers and build essentials:
    sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`
  • Go get the latest player version at : http://www.vmware.com/download/player/ make sure you download th .bundle version
  • Execute it with root permissions with:
    gksudo bash VMware-Player-2.5.3-185404.i386.bundle

    Of course, change the file version in name as what you have (tab is your friend)

  • A graphical installer will start, just click on install.
  • And when completed just click close.
  • That’s it it should be now in the GNOME Menu under Applications > System Tools > VMware Player
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For the SAP project, in order to host the expensive Windows Server 2008,  Microsoft-SQL and the even more expensive SAP server, the SAP integrators have recommended us to run it in top of Citrix XenServer, in order to have an easier maintenance, migration, backup, scenarios…

Here comes the fun, Citrix XenServer, is no other thing that a Linux Distribution Focused on Xen Virtualization, so in the end, the whole expensive proprietary software is going to end up running in top of Linux (what he knows, we all benefit from).

The bad side, in order to control the XenServer you need a client named XenCenter that only runs in Windows, nevertheless I have read about a coming web version. And about the OpenXenCenter project that will bring a Linux client. (there is of course the CLI option).

Since I don’t use Windows on my laptop I have installed the XenCenter inside the Windows 2008 that is running inside the XenServer, and I can control via RDP by tsclient from my Ubuntu Laptop.

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