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How to remove the This Copy of Microsoft Office in not Genuine messages and keep using Microsoft Office

I recentyl posted a way to get rid of the “This Copy of Microsoft Office is not Genuine messages”, that  involved getting rid of Microsoft Office itself and replace it by OpenOffice.org and Thunderbird, That is the preferred Method.

But if you are a Microsoft Lover and want to get rid only of the messages, and keep using Microsoft Office then this is what’s needed:

1- Close all the Microsoft Office Applications

2-Use the File Explorer to Navigate to your Windows System installation folder, usually:



C:\Windows\SysWow64  -for 64 bit systems-

And then locate and remove (just rename, if feel fear) the following files:



3-Ready! Start any Microsft Office, and you will see that is fast again and no more annoying messages.

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Install a Printer is easier in Linux than Windows

This is just another real case showing that Linux has become way much easier than Windows:

My daughter has a netbook with Windows XP, I have a Laptop with Ubuntu 9.10

We have a printer HP Deskjet 460 that we used today to print a drawing that my girl was making.

-In Windows XP, we plugged the printer, it detected some device asked for autodetection, I say yes, it did not found anything suitable…It asked to try via Windows Update, it found nothing, we choosed to specify model… It’s not listed…. we choosed similar models.. did’n worked…

My girl was irritated, so I said, OK let’s make a PDF email it to me and let’s try in Ubuntu:

-In Ubuntu I plugged the printer, it was deteced, installed, and we printed the drawing, just like that!

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Windows Server as Mission Critical Server

Windows Server need restarting... again
Windows Server needs restarting... again!

I finally installed the Terminal Server inside the Windows 2008 Server, and once again I had to restart the server because it needs it….
That server has been restarted when the SQL Server and SAP were installed, now because of this…etc.

So I wonder: How Can Windows Server be a Mission Critical Server, I you have to restart it everytime you install anything???

Update: Today we added the server to the current windows domain, and guess what, restart again!

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Multi-User system with Windows Terminal Server

We have already installed SAP Business ONE, OpenOffice.org, and  Adobe Reader on the Windows Server 2008.
Now we are about to install the Terminal Server, but during installation, it warns that the Terminal Server should be installed before any application that you want shared…. and it says that is possible that some applications would need to be reinstalled in order to have them available for the Terminal Server connections….

This is just another reason why I prefer a real Multi-User system… like Linux.

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Outlook file size

Today I saw again a problem with a college not being able to use his email  outlook because the max size of the PST file has been reached, it’s incredible how often this happens to many people, I read that some versions of Outlook have corrected this problem… I have seen situations where it’s not possible even to delete messages,…weird.

The preoblem comes from two design errors, as far as I can tell:

-The PST have a maximum size of 2Gb

-Removing emails from the emails does not realy empty  the file, this is related to the file structure.

The solution to solve this problems are:

-Remove as much as you can, and wait some time.

-Create a new Personal Folder, and assign it to be the new incoming folder.

The real solution, stop using Outlook, move to a better program, like thunderbird, or even better, stop using Windows, switch to Linux.

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